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The key elements of website design - #4 call to action elements

Thursday 27th April 2023 by Paddy

In the world of website design, there is a fundamental principle that every website designer should be familiar with – the use of call to action (CTA) elements. These elements play a significant role in driving user engagement and conversions. They are designed to encourage visitors to take sp

The key elements of website design - #4 site search

Wednesday 8th March 2023 by Paddy

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of providing an intuitive, consistent and easy to use navigation system to allow your site visitors to access your content in a timely manner.  We left one of the most important navigation tools to last - site search! What is site search?

The key elements of website design - #3 navigation

Tuesday 21st February 2023 by Paddy

As we discussed in our last post, visitors to your website are unlikely to hang around for long if their site experience is poor. Not being able to find the information they are looking for quickly would be a major cause of frustration for visitors. The ability to navigate effectively through your s

The key elements of website design - #2 keep it intuitive

Tuesday 31st January 2023 by Paddy

Most visitors that visit your website will do so with a specific reason in mind – to find a phone number, to request a service/product, to see your opening times, to find your address and so on.  In addition, the vast majority of visitors will only stay on your website for a short while -

The key elements of website design - #1 responsive & mobile friendly websites

Tuesday 17th January 2023 by Paddy

As we mentioned in this article, all website design should start with the two key principles – a very clear purpose and a visitor-centric focus.  These principles should be kept in mind throughout the design process.  The next thing to consider are the actual elements of the websi

The two principles of website design that business owners must know

Tuesday 3rd January 2023 by Paddy

As a business owner, you will already know how important a website is to your commercial success. Even if you don't sell online, your site will act as your shop window to the outside world - communicating who you are, what you do and how to connect with you. This is hardly news - the vast maj

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