March 2021

I hope you had a great weekend.

New Content Ideas For Your Website

With spring on the way and a light appearing at the end of a very long tunnel, it seemed like a good time to send you our latest thoughts & ideas for updating your website content. As you know, keeping your site updated is crucial in providing your clients with useful information and helping your search engine rankings.

Here are some areas that you might wish to consider when updating or adding to your practice website content this month:

  • Tick bite prevention week is from the 22nd to 28th March - this might be a good time to remind clients about the risks & symptoms of tick bites.
  • It looks as if we are on the road to coming out of lockdown which means that many clients will no longer be working from home. Puppies purchased during lockdown may not have had the opportunity for socialisation - maybe this is the time to start encouraging puppy parties.
  • A number of recent news reports about vaccinating pets against COVID-19 may have raised concerns amongst your clients. Maybe adding a news story along with a link to the latest BVA advice on the topic would answer those worries.
  • Easter is very early in April this year and so you will probably wish to add something to your website in March regarding holiday opening times.
  • Don't forget to remove/update any out of date messages or offers on your site
  • Add your latest practice newsletter
  • Check that your COVID message is up to date
  • Let your clients know about any staff changes
  • Farm/Equine - Add/Update the NADIS parasite forecast for the month and offer services aimed at the calving & lambing season

As always, we would be happy to update your practice website for you. Simply email your content changes to and we will get these actioned. Alternatively, you can use our content editor to make changes to your website at anytime.

Best wishes

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