At Online Practice Solutions we're constantly looking to improve both the features we offer along with the service we provide. We're constantly updating the functionality of the service and also making minor improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes. Detailed below is a brief overview of some of the changes we've made to the service since it launched in August 2021.

December 2022

  • Form dividers are now incldued in submission emails to impove readability
  • You can now receive form submission data in table format in your submission emails
  • You can now set the default country code for your telephone fields on your forms
  • We've improved the layout of comments featured in your price lists

November 2022

  • You can now add a time field to your forms

October 2022

  • We've re-built the management area for any image sliders (carousels) that might feature on your website
  • You can now add custom CSS to your website design

September 2022

  • We improved how your website search results are displayed

August 2022

  • Forms can now be previewed prior to making live
  • You can now restrict the countries you can receive form submissions from

July 2022

  • You can now build your own forms, set validation requirements, accept attachments and integrate with services such as Friendly Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA v2 and hCaptcha
  • You can now choose to hide specific pages from your search results

May 2022

  • It's now possible to navigate your payments and searches using your arrow keys
  • We've fixed a bug where a link to your cookies page might not be displayed correctly

April 2022

  • The 'price list' generator has been completely re-built
  • Broken URLs are now tracked to help you with your SEO
  • We've added two new base designs to chose from
  • Content can now be added over header media

March 2022

  • Images can be automatically set to appear in a 'lightbox'
  • The header of designs can now set to be fixed on scroll
  • Galleries can now be embedded on any page
  • Header media heights can now be set per page

February 2022

  • Client payments can now be taken for your invoices
  • External services code can be added (Fathom Analytics for example)
  • RSS feed for blogs

January 2022

  • Pages, directories and whole websites can now be password protected

December 2021

  • Dedicated 'Privacy policy' and 'Terms and conditions' pages can now be added to your website

November 2021

  • Single page websites can now be built using Online Practice Solutions

October 2021

  • The header image area of designs can now contain a video

September 2021

  • Websites can now have galleries
  • Recent blog entries can now be embedded on any page of your website

August 2021

  • Websites can now be searched
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