March 2022

With spring on the way it seemed like a good time to send you our latest thoughts & ideas for updating your website content. As you know, keeping your site updated is crucial in providing your clients with useful information and helping your search engine rankings.

Here are some areas that you might wish to consider when updating or adding to your practice website content this month:

  • Crufts takes place this month - if you offer grooming or dog training then maybe you could use this event to highlight your own services.
  • Tick bite prevention week is from the 22nd to 27th March - this might be a good time to remind clients about the risks & symptoms of tick bites. Alternatively, you could link to this advice from the RSPCA on ticks.
  • Sadly phone scammers seem to be a continuing problem as we come out of the pandemic and some are targeting pet owners. Maybe this would be a good time to link to this warning article in the Vet Times.
  • Equine This campaign has been launched to tackle equine obesity which you may wish to highlight on your website.
  • Farm Calving really gets underway throughout March, and it’s the busiest time of the year for many farmers. The following articles offer advice and might be worth referencing on your website:-
  • As we come out of the pandemic it is worth checking that your COVID message is up to date
  • Don't forget to remove/update any out of date messages or offers on your site
  • Add your latest practice newsletter
  • Let your clients know about any staff changes

As always, we would be happy to update your practice website for you. Simply email your content changes to and we will get these actioned. Alternatively, you can use our content editor to make changes to your website at anytime.

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